TIC TOC stands for Today’s Investment Commitment Tomorrow’s Optimal Commodity. These are aspects we strive to achieve with the organization. We ensure that if somebody put in some time with us to learn, we can sculpt them to be the top tier in the financial field they would like to pursue. Such fields include: Stocks, Derivatives, Forex, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Brokering, Investment Banking, etc. We are committed to leading the way for Generation Z.

TIC TOC is an organization that was founded in 2015 to educate students in the financial field and help guide them along a path to fiscal success. Our goal is to help students make enough money so they can pay for a college education at any university of their choice.  50% of funds raised go to a non profit.

Meet Our Board

Committed to paving the way for Generation Z

David Crouch


Israel Noriega

Options Director

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Blackstone

Vice President

Antoine Mouraine

Crypto Director

David Sutherland

West Coast Regional Leader

Max Rivas

Forex Director

Jack Mahoney

East Coast Regional Leader

Noah Pineda

Real Estate Director

Member Testimonials

“Of all the people who have made an effort to help me with my finances, nobody has made me feel as excited and confident about my future as Tic Toc. My first involvement with Tic Toc started as a school club where we talked about the basics of the stock market and how to use it to grow my financial portfolio. Founder and friend, David Crouch, has never failed to answer any questions I have because he genuinely wants his members to succeed. David knows what he’s talking about and his track record proves it. Tic Toc is a direct result of what happens when young minds pursue economic prosperity. Tic Toc is not going to hold your hand through the stock market, instead it teaches you all the necessary skills to climb your way to success. I am a member of Tic Toc because I believe it will change my life and help me live the life of my dreams.”

-Charlie Wright

“Tic Toc opened my eyes to the world of investing. I got so hooked that I even switched to a business major instead.”

-Parker Susolik, USC Chapter Leader


Most Innovative Content Strategy – Internet Marketing Association 2018

Student Platform of the Year – Internet Marketing Association 2019

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